Phase 1 of My Thuan Can Tho Epressway: The contractor speeds up the progress

Posted on 25 May, 2023

According to the plan, phase 1 of the My Thuan Can Tho Expressway Project will be completed on 31 Dec 2023. Thus, there are only 6 months left for construction contractors to reach the progress in a series of large bidding packages to bring this expressway to finish.

As planned, phase 1 of My Thuan Can Tho Expressway Project will be completed on 31 Dec 2023. Photos are for illustrative purposes only. Source: Internet.

The Ministry of Transport said that currently the construction plan and commitments of contractors participating in the project with the completion target by December 31, 2023 in all XL-01 packages, XL-02, XL-03 were approved by the Supervision Consultant as well as My Thuan Project Management Board (Investor).

The latest update from My Thuan Project Management Board that up to now, contractors have completed phase 1 (13.42km/13.42km) and phase 2 (6.63km/6.63km) for the main line. Gathering crushed stone distribution to the construction site of 188,850 m3 (reaching 59.1%).

For the bridge construction on the main line, 15/15 bridges have now been completed, including vertical box culverts. For the horizontal overpass system: 2/2 bridge pillars have been completed and 2/2 bridge beams have been cast; pending reinforcement of abutments to pile 4/4 abutments, expected to complete piling in September 2023. For the overpass of intersection 908: piling floor piling to reduce the load of abutment M1 is under construction; The M1 abutment is scheduled to be completed on June 15, 2023 and the girder is completed on June 30, 2023. The Cai Doi Bridge on Highway 80 has completed the bridge deck.

Also according to the plan of contractors, by the end of May 2023, 4.66/13.42km of roadbed will be unloaded.

The representative of the Investor said that by mid-May 2023, the implementation output of the project reached VND 1,665.34 billion (62.42% of the contract value), lower 0.61% than the plan.

In which, Package XL-01 is VND 433 billion, reaching 58.63%; Package XL-02 is VND 378.12 billion, reaching 58.66%; Package XL-03 is VND 854.22 billion, reaching 66.49%. The remaining output of Package XL-01 is VND 305.47 billion; Package XL-02 is VND 266.5 billion; Package XL-03 is VND 430.46 billion.

The investment capital in 2023 for the project is VND 500 billion, accumulated disbursement by the end of April 2023 will reach VND 52.6 billion (initial plan is VND 59.7 billion).

According to the Investor, contractors are slow to deploy drainage items, unloading, and finishing loading the National Highway 80 intersection (8,000 m3). The reason is that the monitoring of weak soil treatment is not as expected, some sections of the line are still subsiding, so they are not eligible for unloading.

The investor is directing the contractor to accelerate the implementation of sewer construction, when eligible for unloading, quickly unloading, mobilizing K98 construction equipment quickly to ensure the overall progress; At the same time, gather materials in advance to prepare for the construction of asphalt concrete.

Specific information about the construction of contractors, the Investor said, at Package XL-01, VNCN E&C Construction and Engineering Investment Joint Stock Company is reaching a plan on the construction of horizontal beams, Cai Doi bridge deck; construction of cylindrical helm beams T1, T2; installation of span pillows T1 to T4 An Phu Thuan bridge. The 319th Corporation also achieved plans in unloading, mobilizing equipment and implementing the construction of class K98.

In Package XL-02, Truong Son Construction Corporation has made efforts to achieve the plan, completing the bridges to the end of the railing ledge, casting D1500 sewer pipes, basically completing 3 collection road box culverts. Cienco4 Group Joint Stock Company also achieved the plan, completing the bridges to the end of the railing ledge, gathering crushed stone distribution, casting D1500 sewer pipes, casting dividers.

Particularly, Package XL-03, Deo Ca Group Joint Stock Company, Tan Nam Construction Joint Stock Company and 36 Corporation are constructing drainage items, some sections of the line are not eligible for unloading.

According to the Investor, the workload in the period of June – July 2023 for contractors is very large. The construction in the coming period will face many difficulties, even difficulties due to the peak rainy season in the area. Therefore, the Investor requires contractors to quickly mobilize enough machinery for construction, mobilize finance in time to compensate for progress.

My Thuan – Can Tho Expressway is a component project of the North-South East Expressway Construction Investment Project with a length of 23 km  passing through Vinh Long (12.53 km) and Dong Thap (10.44 km) provinces, invested in a complete phase of 6 lanes, road width of 32.25 m.

In phase 1, the project is invested with a scale of 4 lanes, 17 m wide. The total investment capital of the project is VND 4,826 billion, started in 2021, expected to be completed in 2023.

Source:Báo Đấu Thầu



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