Chan May Port focuses on the quality of container handling services

Posted on 19 June, 2023

20 years of affirmation. In May 5.2023, Chan May Port celebrated its 20th anniversary. On the way of its formation and development, Chan May Port has affirmed its position with optimistic results.

Accordingly, in the period 2006-2007, the company connected and was selected by Alcan, the world’s leading aluminum ore producer, as the place to assemble modules and super-heavy components. In 2012, Chan May Port was one of 46 seaports selected by the Royal Carribean Asian Yacht Association to build a stopover for yachts in Southeast Asia. In 2022, for the first time, it marks a new step in identifying Chan May Port as the nearest and most convenient destination in the East-West Economic Corridor. Customers and shippers of Laos have chosen Chan May Port as a place to export goods.

Cảng Chân Mây chú trọng chất lượng dịch vụ khai thác hàng container - Ảnh 1.

Chan May Port, after 20 years of operation, has handled more than 34 million tons of cargo with a total revenue of 1.700 billion VND, welcomed nearly 1 million international tourists, and attracted many investment projects in the area. , and currently promoting investment efficiency, industrial factories in the area boldly increase their capacity and launch many new projects.

Mr. Huynh Van Toan, Director of Chan May Port Joint Stock Company shared: “20 years, a stage of formation and development, it is a success from the wise decision of Thua Thien – Hue province and the attention and help of the Central Government to help a land where resources are still contained, full of potential. Those 20 years also record the tireless efforts, determination to overcome all difficulties, dynamism and creativity of the people whose mission is to directly implement the ‘opening of resources with the sea’. “.

Be agile in the new development trend

The current development trend of domestic and international freight transport is shifting from the field of transporting bulk goods to the field of containerized freight.

Chan May Port focuses on the quality of container handling services - Photo 2.

Chan May Port meets the conditions to become a deep-water seaport receiving, loading and unloading container ships

Chan May Port is a natural deep-sea port capable of receiving ships of large tonnage, with great potential for expansion and development into a large and modern seaport. Chan May is a deep-water seaport with the length of each berth more than 280 m, the depth in front of the wharf from 11 to 12,5 m, meeting all necessary conditions for receiving large tonnage container ships.

Located in Chan May – Lang Co economic zone – Chan May seaport established in 2003, relatively good production management and organization capacity is demonstrated through high handling and handling capacity. Besides, the port also has good relationships with major and key customers in the region. With the advantage of being near the Central and Lower Laos region, Chan May Port has great opportunities in accessing and promoting the promotion of transit containers of the potential Laos market. For Thai customers, the distance is quite short, from 200-300 km, so it is considered quite attractive and together with Laos market will become a potential container market of Chan May Port in the future.

“Many businesses in Laos as well as in Laos are very hopeful that Chan May Port will have a container shipping route, because this is the shortest way for businesses in Central and Northern Laos to the seaport, even much shorter than the current route going to ports in southern Thailand, significantly reducing the cost of road transport and increasing the efficiency of enterprises”. Mr. Huynh Van Toan shared more.



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